May 12, 1868, Phil M. Charles is born.


1887, Gerald Kintobor is born.


1891, Phil Charles gets married to unknown wife.

1892, Phil Charles becomes king.


February 18, 1911, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs is born.

1915, Charles leaves Russia after 23 years as king.


1920, The History Teacher is born.

1925, Ivo Kintobor is born.


c. 1930s, the ARK is finish space.

1930, Bertha Kintobor is born.

January 3, 1937 Maxis Clark is born.

January 21, 1939, Andy Brown F. Smith is born.


1943, Menniker is born.

1944, Maria Kintobor is born.


October 1951, Mayor Cookie is born.

1951, Colin Kintobor is born.

May 23, 1952 Ed Howard is born.

1953, J. R. Dobbs becomes a salesman.

1955, J. R. Dobbs marries Connie Dobbs in Las Vegas.

1956, Gerald Kintobor dies at the age of 69.

May 12, 1956, Phil M. Charles dies at the age of 88.

1956, Maria Kintobor dies at the age of 12.

c. 1956, The ARK is shut down.

1957, J. R. Dobbs quits his job after 4 years.

September 10, 1957, Julian Kintobor is born.


c. 1960s, Captain Cupcake is born.

September 10, 1960, Julian Kintobor II is born.

July 1,1965, Lakefront High School is founded.

1965, Menniker forms the Dark Legion.


October 4,1970 Jack F. Smith is born.

1973, Ed Howard and Liz get married.

May 14, 1975, Snively Kintobor is born.

1979, J. R. Dobbs reaches icon status of fame.


1981, Mayor Cookie starts his career as mayor and Cookie Company is founded.

1983, Lakefront High School starts school.

May 14, 1984, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs is assassinated in San Francisco and dies at the age of 73.

November 1984, Lakefront High School starts its second period of schooling.

1985, Bertha Kintobor dies at the age of 55.

1985, Ivo Kintobor dies at the age of 60.

1987, Ed Howard and Liz get divorce.

March 4, 1987, Richard Ford is born.

April 5,1989, Randy the Drifter is born.


June 23, 1991, Jacky marries Daisy.

1991, Jacky and Daisy have their first child named Johanna. April 8,1995, Jacky Smith joins Lakefront High School as a teacher.

1995, Jacky and Daisy have their second child named Tommy.

January 1997, Maxis Clark joins a club called Dark Legion.

January 1997, Ed Howard joins a club called Dark Legion.

April 1999, Menniker dies at the age of 56.


August 11, 2001, Maxis Clark dies at the age of 64.

September 10,2001, Jacky and Daisy get a divorce.

2003, the story of long tale begins.

March 20, 2003, Jacky goes insane.

June 13, 2003, Julian kintobor dies at the age of 46.

July 21, 2005, Andy Brown F. Smith dies at the age of 66.

2009, Richard Ford marries his girlfriend.


October 11, 2010, after 7 years Jacky regains some of his personal mind.

December 18, 2010, the world slowly takes a turn downward.

April 5, 2011, Mayor Cookie runs for second term for mayor.

June 2011, Ed Howard dies at the age of 61.


2027, Richard Ford joins the Dark Presnce.

2029, Richard Ford gets divorce from his unknown wife.


2031, Julian Kintobor II dies at the age of 71

2036, Richard Ford leaves Dark Presence after 9 years.


c. 2226, The ARK crashes into Earth.

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